The Kal RATS is a club for anyone interested in swimming, cycling, running or multi-sports events


To request a login, email kalratsinfo@gmail.com
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Register now for the Kal RATS Sprint Triathlon -- June 21st!

Online registration available now at Zone4.ca.  Click here for details.


Kal RATS Club Registration Now Available

Register as a member for 2015 at Zone4.ca.


April 18th -- The Simms Annual Bike and Brunch Potluck!

See the details here.

Highlights from the AGM

Election Results –


After serving a one-year term to replace retiring treasurer, Kit Johaneson, Myra Mattila was elected by acclamation to the position of treasurer for a two-year term.


Sue Abbott finished out her term as vice-president and has decided to step down from the executive.  On behalf of all the membership we extend a huge thank you to Sue for all her hard work and expertise on the executive.  We look forward to her continued involvement in the club.  Replacing Sue as vice-president is Kit Johaneson.  Kit was elected by acclamation.

Committee Positions –

Communications (position needs to be filled)

The club is looking for a communications coordinator.  This person is responsible for promoting club events like the Red Dress Run, club races, philanthropic activities, and other club happenings.  If you are interested in helping out contact our president Karen Brown.


Alanna Simms has assumed the role of newspaper editor, replacing Tara Steck who did an outstanding job keeping the RATS up-to-date on club events, training tips, cool recipes, and race happenings.  Let Alanna know if you have something you want to share with club members.


Randy Wilson offered to sit on the social committee along with incumbents Cindy Garvin, Stuart Lambert, and Janice Wright.  Watch for coming social events like the first bike ride of the season in mid-April.


Denise McMahon has agreed to manage our memberships this year.  The club is moving to on-line membership registration through Zone4.  Applications will be available later this week.  Check the message board and Facebook for an announcement.


Danny Kermode and Shayne Wright have been managing our website.  Please let either of them know if there are changes or updates required to the site.


Gerry Naito is our volunteer coordinator.  If you are looking to help out at a race or social event please contact him.  If he doesn’t hear from you, he’ll be contacting you!

Interior Running Association – Kal RATS rep – Thank you Chris Brown for agreeing to be the club’s representative to the IRA.











Come visit the Kal RATS Facebook Page!
Share your stories, photos & events!



Upcoming Events

Upcoming Workouts

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