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  1. Bike Racing 101
  2. Cyclists Training Bible
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  4. Endurance Athletes Edge
  5. Galloways Book on Running
  6. Great Body Ball Handbook
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  8. Ironman Training–Start to Finish
  9. Never Let Go
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  12. Running Injury Free
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  14. Sucking the Marrow Out of Life
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  17. Triathlon 101 (2 copies)
  18. Triathlon–A Personal History (Tinley)
  19. Triathlon for Mortals


  1. Triathlete (1997-2003)
  2. Inside Triathlon (2001-2003)
  3. Fitness Swimmer (Various Issues)
  4. Runners World (Various Issues)
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  2. Spinervals 7.0 The Uphill Grind
  3. Ironman Canada (Various Years)
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  5. Various Ironman Races & Triathlons
  6. The Science of Triathlon (Joe Friel & Wes Hobson)
  7. Rides of the Rockies (Vol 1)
  8. Cycling Fitness Results Series (Vol 1-6)
  9. Ironman Utah Athlete Video

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  1. 6 Reasons to Go On Group Ride
  2. Time Trialing Builds Speed
  3. Marie-Cats articles on injury prevention


6 Reasons to Go On Group Ride

How to build speed on the bike? A question that all triathletes eventually ask themselves. Time trialing can be the answer, and we are lucky to now have a time trial series here in Vernon.

Many triathletes compete in the IRA road race series because we know that racing builds run speed better than any other workout. The same holds true for swimming and cycling–racing will build speed. The problem with swimming is that there are not very many opportunities to sign up for an open water swim race. But there is no such problem with cycling now that Vernon has a weekly time trial series just past O’Keefe Ranch. Racing in the time trial series will help improve your bike split–just ask Mike Champigny how his race season is going!

Time trialing is simple and safe. There is no wheel to wheel peleton action to test your nerve and your bike handling skills. Racers start one at a time, usually with a thirty second interval, and no drafting is allowed. The course is a 13 km out and back (every fourth week is a hill climb instead), so it is short enough to really push yourself into a great interval/tempo workout. There is just you racing against the clock–exactly the same as the bike leg of a triathlon. The only difference between a time trial and a triathlon bike leg is that there is no run after a time trial. That’s where building speed really happens, because you don’t need to save anything for the run.

Being able to ride full out and cross the finish line completely blown was a very different experience for me when I started coming out to the time trials. I have always biked conservatively, knowing that the bike was my weakest link and I needed to save energy to pass people on the run. At the time trials, I could freely experiment with using different gears and riding harder or easier to find what works best for me. Over a short, 13 km course, I’ve improved my best time well over a minute in only a few weeks of racing. I’m looking forward to seeing how that improvement translates into a faster bike split–remember, Mike C. beat Kevin Lane at this year’s Kal RATS Triathlon by riding faster. Mike has been out to nearly every week of the time trial series. I don’t think it’s mere coincidence…

Racing in the time trial series is inexpensive. Go into Olympia and sign up for a Cycling BC license (I think it was $27 and it’s good for the whole year), then bring $2 each time you race. Part of the money is given as a prize to the top male and top female rider that night, and the rest of the money goes to buy beer and prizes for the end of season party. After the spring series, nearly everyone who came out won a prize.

The most common complaint I hear from other RATS about their racing is that they want to improve their bike splits. The most common complaint I hear from other RATS about their training is that they hate interval workouts on the bike. The solution to both problems could be a weekly time trial.

Hope to see you out there!

Author: Darin Johaneson